Thursday, July 31, 2008

Countdown begins... I am, a day before I leave for San Francisco and excited and nervous both. For the run of course. If there was no half marathon, then I would be nothing but excited to get away with the girls for a much needed vacay!

Here is how I see the race going. (Oh and by the by, I am going to attempt to take my camera so I can document my slow and tortuous death, mile by mile, so be awaiting those photos.)

Mile 1- good, feeling good about myself and glad I trained at a much higher altitude
Mile 2-3 - About the same. By now I have found a good pace and I am still in the park!
Mile 4- Getting a little bored and probably no longer see Mackenzie and Sarah. (my pace is slow) plus my excitment and adrenaline is running low.
Mile 5-6 - getting a little tired and which I was a lot closer to the finish line than i was
Mile 7- contimplatine stopping and walking for a quarter of a mile because I have made it half way, but i won't...yet!
Mile 8-9 Really thinking I might not make it but trying to not focus ont he excitement of me seeing the each Mile marker pass.
Mile 10- my slow pace jog has become a REALLY slow pace jog but I only have 3 left to go!
Mile 11- Thinking I might need to throw up of fall down or pass out or something, my body is telling me this is not right, you didn't prepare me for this. I also stop caring about all the people passing me.
Mile 12. one more to go, but I am afraid my legs and knees will give out on me. Right now I am concentrating on making my legs work correctly!
Mile 13...ahhhhh .4 left to go. I might make it. I might beable to say I did this. Oh look there is the Giants Stadium!
Finish line- I am predicting a collapse or a fall because my legs won't know what to do once I stop. Now it is time to find my compadres and take a gross but congratulating picture of our first half marathon. (and maybe last) we will see how it goes.

So anyways...I plan on keeping a mental record (and a photo of myself and surroundings) for every mile so I can blog about the actuality of it all when I am back, so look for those! And we will see how unrealistic I was about things.

So if I don't seriously hurt myself I will be on a plane Sunday night (late) flying back to Denver and probably have a severly hard time going to work on monday morning! At least Sarah and I will be together on that one. Hope no one expects me to produce anything for Monday!

In exactley 72 hours I will be preparing for the race and probably already be at the start location. I might start to pray! (and well I don't do that often)

Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

And so....I just ran!

So an update on the running since I haven't been very good about talking about it. Sooo, i was worried for a long time...mostly because I procrastinated starting training until it was pretty late. So I attempted to cram 2 and a half months training into one month. We will see how that works out when the time comes for me to run 13.2 or whatever it calculates out to be miles!

So I have been running everyday except maybe a day or two each week now and am feeling a lot better about it. I found my perfect running speed to where I feel like I can keep going. I ran too and from volleyball last night and still had plenty of energy to play which felt nice. I have found my good running paths. The only thing I am weary of is the hills. I pray they aren't bad...and even if they are I hope that the elevation decrease will help me overcome that.

I run down 7ths street to Colorado Blvd and back for a good 4 mile run and I will run to and from Monaco this weekend. (a little over 7 miles) Probably saturday night before...drum roll please...the Dark Knight in IMAX. For me I am all about the weather and time of day when I run! So anywhoo, I am slowly trying to piece together how my body prefers to run. Like what I should much and how long before, and what time of day, etc. Haven't figured it al out yet, but hopefully soon!

So if I make it to the finish line, I am going to buy myself a present...don't know what it is yet, but maybe a bike! Who knows. I am also going to try to run the whole way which means keeping a good pace.

I will definitely let you know!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sooo, I will keep my promise

So if you reference a couple entries ago called "I am going public," I said I would keep ya'll (Nicole and Mackenzie) updated about my "lovely lady lumps."

I had an appointment last week which was supposed to be a consoltation on what i need to do to have the things removed...well it was more like a "get ready for surgery cause here it comes" appointment. My specialist said she didn't blame me for wanting them out because they are rather large (the lump, not my ya knows) so she said she would schedule me in a soon as possible to have my out-patient surgery. Ahhhh! so...drum roll please...Aug. 11th which is a Monday will be the day that my right ( do I say it?) friend? becomes a little bit smaller. Yeah!

I have to do some pre-op thing too where they put a wire (that is what she said) in my ummm...friend to kind of lead my surgeon to the smaller of the two. That is in another office. So I have that "wire placement" at 9 in the morning and then I have actually surgery at noon. (it is supposed to take an hour) Where the put me completely under...(yea!!!) and when i wake up, I am in recovery for about an hour extra.

And I already have a Vicatin prescription. Yippee Skippee! and no, you may not have any! ha! jk!

Ben is taking the halfday to come drive me home and make sure I don't do anything silly while still under the infulence. They say they will bandage me up and it will look similar to someone after they have an augmentation. Like all bandaged and sports bra-ed up. I will take pictures!

Anywhooo...just thought I would inform ya!

Oh and they might put a titanium marker (size of a pin head) in there so in case later in life I have something else, it will mark where my problems/scar tissue is for future doctors.


Thats all for now!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am stressed. All my preplanning and deciding to do a bunch of things is catching up to me. not to mention at work where our schedule is about 6 months less than it should be, and it is only a 9 month project to begin with. Ahhhh!

Anywhooo, I am stressed, and if stressed spelled backwards didn't spell "desserts" it would make it worse.

I feel an unusual crankiness coming on and I don't like it.

Thats all, thank you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I survived...

So just thought I would let you all (Nicole and Mackenzie, since you are the only two that read this) that i survived skydiving. And rafting as well.

Actually we were running late to the skydiving and i thought about how ironic it would be if we got in an accident before jumping out of a plane.

But was fun and I never had time to get nervous. The most nerve-racking part was during the freefall when you have 120 mph winds blowing at your face and it is hard to breath. Other than that, it was a lot of fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat if it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

So if anyone is thinking about doing it, I say go for it!

On Sunday I went white water rafting too with my sis, dad, and ben. We had a cute guide from USC names Zach and had good water so that was fun as well. Not to mention I looked hot with my sleeveless wetsuit (which caused a uni-butt), helmet, and sunglass strings. Hot! Yes that is the word I will go with. Lucky for you, there are no pictures of it. ha!

But now back to real world and the office. Even though I didn't have any days off it felt like a vacation because we drove to Boulder, then Idaho Springs, adn then Louisville allin one weekend. And of course my family was there.

But this weekend I have the train ride and salsa lesson on Saturday and then all day concert on Sunday. Not to mention I need to fit in a long run on Sat. Boo.

Ciao for now.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I DO have will power!

If you know me at all, you know that my will power has a tendency to be weak when it comes to a couple things:

-boys (all of them in general)
-early morning things
-anything that I can procrastinate on
-staying off of facebook
-spending money I don't have
-shopping in general

and many others. So seeing as two of those things are included in what I did yesterday morning, I am very proud.

I got up at 5:30 (early mroning) and ran 2 miles around Cheeseman Park (exercise)

I just thought I would brag a little. Now as long as I can keep it up, I am golden.

Thanks and have a great Friday. I will be jumping out of a plane this time tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Oh and PS. I for got to mention Julianna's bday in my post about being busy until the end of the year! So I would like to shout out that I also have Julianna's bday on Nov. 17th! So there Ju! :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dos Anos!

Today is Ben and I's 2 year anniversary! Not that I remembered this morning when he woke me up. But I sent him an edible bouquet of chocolate covered apples and strawberries at work! ha! And of course I am taking him skydiving this weekend. His gift to me is a late night romantic dinner train ride through the Royal Gorge next weekend. Should be fun!

Did I mention I love Colorado and all its things that keep me busy enough with! Anyone wants to visit, just say the words!

Also I am still coaching volleyball every Tues. and Thurs. nights in Littleton which means a second job keeps me busy enough without all of these great things that I am blessed to be able to do!

Happy Wednesday!!

Oh and on Mackenzie's note. I attempted to get up this morning and run but if you know me at all....mornings just aren't my thing. Some day soon though. It is the only time I can fit it in these days!

Half Marathon count down --3.5 weeks AHHHHH!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I am going public...:(

So on a more serious least more serious than my blogs, let alone my life, usually are.

Around last Octoberish, I discovered I had some "lovely lady lumps."

Translation: I have a couple lumps in my right breast. Really I had just felt one, one night while I was laying in bed. I panicked because it wasn't one of those, is this a lump or it kinda feels like something there. It was a "oh holy crap, there isa lump in there." no questions asked.

So I made an appointment the very next day to see my "lady doctor" about my concern. And sure enough, she said, yes there is a lump. That is about all she told me. So then it was off to a specialist, yes a "brest specialist" to see about my lovely lady lumps!

The did an ultrasound, yes an ultrasound, and found that there was not one, but TWO lovely lady lumps in my right girl. I wanted a picture like you get when your pregnant, but no such luck. So then the doctor came in, not to be confused with the ultrasound technician. and let me know that they were going to have to take a biopsy of the mass.

So I had to schedule my out-patient procedure and go get a sample taken out of the lumps to test to make sure it was benign. So that day came and I went (by myself) during the work day (try explaining these appointments to your man boss) ha! Basically they took a huge needle, the size of a straw and "sucked" out some tissue from the mass to run tests on.

So a couple days later, I recieved the news, good news, the lumps are simply put "fibre abernorma" which in translation means Abnormal Fiber of course. However the lumps don't go away, they remain there indefinitely. Which is a bit weird, not going to lie.

So that all took about a month or so. I didn't let my family or friends know until after I found out it was need to stress people out, but the purpose of me bringing it up at this point is that I have decided to have the lumps removed. The one large one that I can actualy is rather annoying and I feel it almost daily. So with recommendations from my "lady doctor" I found a lady lump removal doctor (that is the technical name of course) and I have an appointment on the 17th of this month.

It is only a consoltation, but I will then make an appointment after that to have them removed. Yea...freedom, that way 18 years down the road when I feel a lump, I won't be like " oh that is the same one I had years ago" when in reality it is a new one that isn't so normal, or abnormal, whichever way you want to look at it.

But anyways, I thought I would go public because come to find out this is more common then not, and if the few people/ladies that read this understand that it isn't really a big deal and it usually turns out all right, then that is great.

So i will keep you updated. Also I am thinking about asking the doctor to take a little more out then need be....ha. If you know me at all, then you understand!

Happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The next thing I knew, I was 94.

So this past weekend I was in Huron, SD for a lovely wedding of Matt and Kristina Porter. Had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people, and ate a lot of great food! Weddings scare me, they are rather intimidating.

Life in next few months;

July 4th weekend-Wash park all day with gang
-keep up my running for the half marathon
-take car in for "maint. req'd" light
July 12th weekend -skydiving
-dad and sis in town
-whitewater rafting
July 18th weekend-Rockies game with the office
-Mile High Festival all day Sunday
-Sis and dad come back through
July 26th weekend-Film on the Rocks
- Rafting again a possibility this weekend with the office
-Camping with the girls
Auguest 1st weekend - SAN FRAN half marathon
-see long lost British friend Laura
-Find Mackenzie's future husband at the finish line
August 8th weekend - mom and sister driving through for college
September 12th - Pete & Mal's wedding in KC
October 18th - CU vs KSU gmae in Boulder
October 24th - OU vs. KSU in Manhattan
Nover 13th- Greely to watch emily play Division 1 Volleyball
November 22nd - Jenna's Wedding
November 28th - Thanksgiving

And then Christmas of course
So to those of you who are coming to visit (Ju, Juan, and Maddie) please schedule accordingly!