Thursday, October 23, 2008

I could call this post "Shopping" but then guys wouldn't read it...

Shopping! :)

So I got a Halloween card inthe mail the other day from my mom. it had a Hobby Lobby gift card in it for me to buy Christmas decorations with. (Last year, she sent me a REAL freaking Christmas tree in the mail...seriously?) Guess how much is on that gift card...just guess. Two Hundred Dollars.

My mom is ridiclous (this is similar to the time she sent me 100 dollars to the Yankee Candle store) I don't think she realizes I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I don't haev room for a hundred dollars worht of candles and two hundred dollars worth of tinsle and stuffed santas!

Dad, if you still read this thing...don't tell mom you know she sent that to me. She would kill me and then proceed to never send me anything. (thats a lie, she will always send stuff, but you get my point)
Oh and I bought my dog a pumpkin outfit! She loves it!

Friday, October 03, 2008


It has been a couple weeks since I posted. Could be the craziness going on and the work schedule. But nothing too new.

Next week will be hectic. My Parker project will be done finally. And by "done" I mean we are supposed to be complete with 100% CDs. but that is not happening. So eithe we will be getting some more time or our CA will be pretty hectic. For being a small building it is complex and has several detail issues that still need to be designed and worked out. We will see. So I am on to Palomar which is an 11 story 4 star hotel in DTC. So far the exterior consists of precast paneling and PT slabs. A pretty importnat project so I am glad I am on it. Kimpton Group os good to work for. The Monaco that we did for them is I can onyl expect the Palomar to be.

Anyways I hardly ever talk about work, so there you go. Next week is full, even after work. Monday and Tuesday I am have interviews for my assistnat coach. I hope I can get someone that is easy to work with. That way it is still fun. Tryouts are in a month or so and I am excited. Who knew I would be excited about a second job? Wednesday I have an "appointment" and if you know me, you should know for what. And then Thursday is our office's First Annual Art show. I am putting ion a couple pieces. A water color, an oil, and a nude sketch fromwehn I was in Europe. So that will be fun.

This weekend though I can't wait for. One because I have worked too much this week but also becuase Julianna, Laura, and ERIN KAY are comign to visit. I can't believe Erin is actually finally coming. Can't wait! Julainna and I are going to the Bronco's game on Sunday and get to wave the big flag on the field before the game. So look for me! Other than that just partying and showing them what Denver is all about. My boss offered me ticketrs to the UT CU gaem on Saturday, so that is a bummer I can't go...maybe next time.

Alrighty..thats it for now. Oh and since I now have guitar hero...I am working on perfecting me Rocker skills. I will keep you up to date on that!