Thursday, October 23, 2008

I could call this post "Shopping" but then guys wouldn't read it...

Shopping! :)

So I got a Halloween card inthe mail the other day from my mom. it had a Hobby Lobby gift card in it for me to buy Christmas decorations with. (Last year, she sent me a REAL freaking Christmas tree in the mail...seriously?) Guess how much is on that gift card...just guess. Two Hundred Dollars.

My mom is ridiclous (this is similar to the time she sent me 100 dollars to the Yankee Candle store) I don't think she realizes I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I don't haev room for a hundred dollars worht of candles and two hundred dollars worth of tinsle and stuffed santas!

Dad, if you still read this thing...don't tell mom you know she sent that to me. She would kill me and then proceed to never send me anything. (thats a lie, she will always send stuff, but you get my point)
Oh and I bought my dog a pumpkin outfit! She loves it!


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