Thursday, July 31, 2008

Countdown begins... I am, a day before I leave for San Francisco and excited and nervous both. For the run of course. If there was no half marathon, then I would be nothing but excited to get away with the girls for a much needed vacay!

Here is how I see the race going. (Oh and by the by, I am going to attempt to take my camera so I can document my slow and tortuous death, mile by mile, so be awaiting those photos.)

Mile 1- good, feeling good about myself and glad I trained at a much higher altitude
Mile 2-3 - About the same. By now I have found a good pace and I am still in the park!
Mile 4- Getting a little bored and probably no longer see Mackenzie and Sarah. (my pace is slow) plus my excitment and adrenaline is running low.
Mile 5-6 - getting a little tired and which I was a lot closer to the finish line than i was
Mile 7- contimplatine stopping and walking for a quarter of a mile because I have made it half way, but i won't...yet!
Mile 8-9 Really thinking I might not make it but trying to not focus ont he excitement of me seeing the each Mile marker pass.
Mile 10- my slow pace jog has become a REALLY slow pace jog but I only have 3 left to go!
Mile 11- Thinking I might need to throw up of fall down or pass out or something, my body is telling me this is not right, you didn't prepare me for this. I also stop caring about all the people passing me.
Mile 12. one more to go, but I am afraid my legs and knees will give out on me. Right now I am concentrating on making my legs work correctly!
Mile 13...ahhhhh .4 left to go. I might make it. I might beable to say I did this. Oh look there is the Giants Stadium!
Finish line- I am predicting a collapse or a fall because my legs won't know what to do once I stop. Now it is time to find my compadres and take a gross but congratulating picture of our first half marathon. (and maybe last) we will see how it goes.

So anyways...I plan on keeping a mental record (and a photo of myself and surroundings) for every mile so I can blog about the actuality of it all when I am back, so look for those! And we will see how unrealistic I was about things.

So if I don't seriously hurt myself I will be on a plane Sunday night (late) flying back to Denver and probably have a severly hard time going to work on monday morning! At least Sarah and I will be together on that one. Hope no one expects me to produce anything for Monday!

In exactley 72 hours I will be preparing for the race and probably already be at the start location. I might start to pray! (and well I don't do that often)

Wish me luck!


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