Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let be truth be told...

So I have always been honest with this blog, so i don't feel the need to hide anything at this point. But things will be changing shortly. If you know me at all, then you know I don't do serious and I try to be optimistic in what i do, but some people change and some people don't.

The situation simply put is Ben and I are over after 2 years and I am moving out of the apartment that we have only lived in together for 3 months. We never should have moved in when things were rough before, but there definitely was a defining choice that made this decision concrete. much as I would love to stay in our apartment seeing as most (90%) of the stuff is mine, I can't afford to stay here myself, so Ben is staying and I am moving out. I let him know last night that I was signing a lease and moving out, and although I had mentioned it before, I am not sure he actually thought I would do it.

Sometimes as much as you want something, it isn't meant to be!


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