Monday, July 17, 2006

Oooops! has been too long!

Okay well lets see if I can give a biref run down of my last few weeks in Prague, not to mention my 5 days in Barcelona because I totally missed that! well we will start with Barcelona.
First of all I loved it....warm weather, beaches, the spanish language, the spanish people, the pier, the shopping, etc...basically everything about Barcelona I loved...nothing to complain about...oh except for I got my wallet stolen two days before I was supposed to leave...long story short...we were on a train headed towards the beach and and when we got to the beach I noticed it was missing. Well silly me had my passport , my credit cards, all of my ids, and a bunch of other things in my wallet, so needless to say, I was in quite a bit of a pickle! I called my parents at 6 in the morning back home and started balling of course...and they canceled the credit cards, and I tried calling the consulate, but the guy didnt speak english..yeah I know the US Consulate, and he doesnt speak enlgish. Well in the end, the Consulate wasnt open til Monday morning and I was supposed to fly out on Sunday night, but without a passport I coulndt, so the guys, Ben, Ben, and Dan, all left Sunday night and I stayed an extra night in teh hostel, borrowed a couple 500 some dollars from Ben and got my passport the next morning. I was lets just say a little bit stressed out...okay maybe more, but once I got to the airport and made it home in time to tell the guys bye before they flew home to the US I was good. I actually missed Barcelona after I left though...I will be going back!

After that I had about 10 days or so in Prague. I had to cancel my Austria and Hungary trips because I had no form of money excpet that which I had leftover from Ben, and it wasnt enough for hostels and trains tickets to those places. In another turn of events, Annie, my roomate had to leave like 2 or 3 weeks ealrier than she had planned becasue her grandfather became really I was left with a room by myself and all I could do is wait around til I got some form of money, which ended up being my dad fedexing my credit card over night to Prague...cost a pretty penny. But for the last week I did some souvenir shopping, and shopping for erins wedding stuff! And the last two days we actually got kicked out of our dorm and had to stay in a hostel in Prague...rather inconvenient, and all this chaos still didnt really make me ready to leave yet. I mean i wish I could have stayed and all my people could have come and visited...or I couls have flown home to visit easier. But it doesnt really work like that, so I had to go home. I made a 4 day pit stop in Atlanta where my mom, dad, and little sister were to watch my little sister play volleyball in the Junior Olympics. A good couple days...and then finally I flew home to Houston. I was tired as one can imagine, and I got to see Erin the first night and have a Caesar Salad. So I was glad to be back!

Well since then, I have attended three wedding showers for Erin, started working at the firm again to make back all that money I spent, and have added a awesome person in my life...ahem..Ben, thats you! So right now I am pretty darn happy and can't complain about much, especially since I am going to Manhattan this weekend to see Sarah, Ben, Julianna, Jenna, Katie, Annie, Caitlyn and maybe I am super excited. And cant wait to go to Aggieville, I am sure it missed me! But I promise I will write more and keep you up to date. The rest of the summer includes, a bachelorette party, and grad party, and a wedding, so I will by no means be bored. Once again sorry this took so long, but here you go...that about sums it up! Talk to ya'll later!