Sunday, August 09, 2009

Well Hello there...

Sorry it has been forever....I swear I have been terribly busy..which is nothing but the truth. I can't believe it is already August??? WTF?

A couple things....the last post talked about my current job situation which isn't my current job situation anymore. At the end of May, my boss pulled the 5 remained production staff at my old firm into his office and let us know he was finally going to have to let us go!! Perfect timing....Summer vacation. ha! We all knew it was coming. So from 33 people a year and a half ago to 4 still there. Sorry, but the economy is not all to blame.

Soooo I moped around for a few hours...Ben was out of town and I was staying at the house for the first time by myself that night...great timing. And it was my dad's bday...go figure. So I went and got some greek food by myself for dinner and came home and started a "To Do" List. Things around the new house like finish painting the basement...yard work, etc. Also, preparing my resume for both architecture and a volleyball coaching position, because seeing at this point that there are a bazillion ( I am not exaggerating) unemployeed architects in denver, I should probably get a non architectre related job to hold me over for a little bit. Oh and one last thing, maybe I should email my old boss that now works at RNL.

Ring Ring....literally 5 minutes after I emailed Brad (old boss) he called my phone and said " I think we might have aposition here for you...oh and maybe Sarah and My DO too!" This is literally 4 hours after I just got laid off. SERIOUSLY!!! Awesome...don't burn your bridges is all I can say. So I had a week off to enjoy my "summer vacation" and then started at RNL the following Monday! Oh and Sarah and My started with me! AMAZING!!

Anywho so that was a contract job that was supposed to last until June bad, except for the fact that I am still there going strong. We finished the proposal that we were working on and then got put on antoher project already in CDs. We are paid hourly of course and it is okay to work I am raking it in right now. Now come tax time....i will owe a ton, but i am living it up while I can.

So that is that. Other things that are going on are Ben and I are doing a lot of crazy things for birthdays and anniversaries...main thing is we got back froma week long Alaskan cruise a couple weeks ago. Amazing. We went hot air balooning and ATVing the past week, we are also headed to a Kings of Leon concert tonight. AND...I am going to see Michael Bolton in Beaver Creek in a couple weeks!!!! ahhh! I am sooo excited about that.

We went whale watching in juneau, AK, and ziplining in Ketchikan (sp?) We have been rafting, which we do every summer. Also I am a new Godmother to my high school and childhood friend's new son Jace! Awesome. I have been to a couple weddings a baby showers, and now some more weddings are coming up. Also some Bachelorette parties, which needless to say I am excited for!

SO all in all, i think I have proven that I have been one busy bee. I have started painting again now that I have some actual space for it. I will write again sooner than later I promise!