Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tag...You're It!!! My Top 5 Fives!

I've been tagged so here I go...

in my closet(storage cubbies in prague dorm room)
1_black Vagabond Pumps (Prague)
2_black and white polka dot dress (H&M)
3_Crazy Horse 1000 ton rolly suitcase that will carry anything and everything
4_jason fedak's grey oversized em!
5_black victoria secrets bathing suit...i will be using in Spain

in my purse
1_digital camera...a must
2_my metro pass for Prague
4_black hoop earing from Pink
5_Prague cell phone

on my desk
1_Dell laptop
2_face mirror
3_dvd collection for stay in rainy nights
4_800 elevation and plan drawings on trace for studio
5_my headphones that I use on Skype everyday to talk to people back home!

things at home I miss...
1_chicken caesar salad...large...with lots of dressing
2_free ice and water
3_my car
4_my sisters and family..including Copper
5_Sarah Ann, Ju, Jenna, Erin Kay, Laura Kay, Caitlyn, Karpa...and so much more!

things in Prague
2_the cute little couple downstairs that runs the club
3_the 51 tram
4_Professor Huta (ornament), and Professor Snape (sculpture)
5_green and cream! ( a shot)

there you go....and I tag MacKenzie Manson and Laura Indihar!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Arrrggghhhh! Farewell Boat Party!

Okay so by the sound of the party..."Farewell Boat Party" it makes think that my semester here is almost over...which depending on your definition of "almost over" could be true but technically I believe that it still has plenty of time as well as potential. I still have a little over a month left in Europe, a week of which will be spent in Spain, and the remaining in Prague, Budapest, and possibly Vienna. Not for sure yet but I do plan on traveling after I return from Spain on the 18th of June. I leave the 1st of July and fly into Altanta where my family will be for Emily (my 16 yr old sis) is play vb in the Junior Olympics...she doesnt know I will be flying in there so keep it a surprise...DAD!!! Then I fly into Houston on July 5th... ahhh time has flown by...its crazy seriously! And then I will start working on the 10th for a month or so before Erins wedding ahhhh....real world is getting closer and im not sure if I a ready! I like this fairyland over here called Prague! I would probably have to say this is one of the best times of my life and I will never forget due to my increasingly ridiculous abundance of pictures, and two due to my ever so sharp memory. But anyways I am having the time of my life and I couldn't ask for more!

Okay back to where I started with this blog...the Pirate Party....I guess my entire point to the previous paragraph was to say that although the boat party was technicallly a farewell party...I still have over a month left. Okay well so the day started off like any other...sculpture with Professor Snape...I only call him this because I have yet to figure out his real name and his resemblance to JK Rowlings Professor Snape is uncanny. Anyways, next Wednesday is our last class for that one and we will be getting our grades, which he said may be helped by a little scotch and cuban cigars...ummm...tempting! Anywasy, following sculpture last Wednesday, I came back to my room to prepare for the party. I proceeded to do 4 guys makeup...facial hair and a little eyeliner on Carl...and got dressed so we could start predrinking around 5 or 6ish. We had to leave for the boat at 6:30 so we finally made it up to Mac and Laura's room for Jungle Juice around 6 and hurried to drink a couple before departing. So at 6:30 we headed down to the lobby and met with the rest of the 200 pirates to make our way to the boat...yeah! Imagine you are wondering the streets of Prague minding your own business and you run into 200 might be a little scarey. Anyways we were welcomed to the boat with a little red bull and vodka and preceeded to drink the night away on as the boat sailed down the river. There were two bars on the ship and we got "dinner" served to us too. And around midnight there was a "czech surprise" and we got fireworks lit off the ship..and for somne reason unbeknownst to me we began to sing the star spangeled banner....the Americans of course. I really don't recall this but I have been told that I was present. Ha. Anyways around12:30 the boat docked after a solid 4.5 hours a sail and we dpearted. A group of us headed back to the dorms while the remaining crazies streeked (sp?) the Charles Bridge....ahh..Carl included. Great timesI wish I had my camera for that one. But anyways if you can not tell from the obnoxiously long description, we had a fabulous time. Now it is back to AutoCad for me until june 12th and some watercoloring...ahem...not finger painting. But we are living it up in our last weeks, and I do actually think that the day I get on the 119 bus for the last time to take me to the airport I will have a tear in my eye. No doubt.

But for now I am missing my family and friends back home and hoping everyone is doing great! I love you all and will talk to you soon!!! --Alli

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blood always runs thicker than water!

Okay well brief update from last time. I have currently finished three of my classes and I got an A in all of them...or an excellent whichever you prefer. So thats, Ornament, Computing, and Photography...check-check and check! The rest is figure drawing and scuplture which are both in class classes so no outside work for those and fine arts which i am halfway done with. Plus studio that is done June 12th...and I am just currently working in AutoCad. Umm what else...

We went to the movies twice this week becasue the first time we went to try to see The Davinci Code or translated in Czech...the Leonardo Code...I guess they are on a first name basis with the guy....but we found out you need reservations for it, so we saw Failure to Launch with Matthew McConahey(sp?) and Sarah Jessica Parker...cute but not the best, second hand to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Well needless to say we made it back to the DaVinci Code, and sorry to say the critics are right. It was by far not what I was expecting. For the first half of the movie the writing seemed a bit slow and Tom Hanks' character was a bit unconvincing..I love him still though. And at the ending they changed a major thing, which was weird, and i was unsure why they needed to change it. Im glad I saw it, but I am for sure it wont win any awards, which is surprising comingfrom Ron Howard...but what can you do?

The Pirate Party is tomorrow and my costume is complete and Annie's boyfriend is getting in tomorrow so he can accompany us to the party...and he is bringing me Diet Coke..yeah! I am super excited! But the party should be is on a boat and supposedly there is a surprise at midnight...ahhh Czech surprises...who knows what that could be?

But for now I am wishing I was at home with my family, there are some things going on that I need to be there for and I wish it was easier to get home....I love my family to death and I know that will pull through and learn from whatever might happen in the upcoming months. I'm an optimistic person so I am hoping that we will all be able to survive and become stonger. I love my sisters more than anyone can imagine and it brings a tear to my eye as I write this that I can't be there!!! i'll be home as soon as I can!

So for right now I am trying to enjoy my last month and a week of my fabulous semester long vacation....but things are in the back of my mind that I cant forget I aplogize in advnace for any strange emotions I may be going through and agian I love all my friends and family and couldnt be happy without all of them! Ciao for now!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Schoolwork...I love it...seriously!

This is just going to be a less audio and more visual blog..if that makes sense at all. I am just going to see if I can put some of my schoolwork that I have been doing. PS I got my first grade for a class and I got an A or an excellent whichever you want to call it! For computer graphics..yeah! Cutest little old czech lady teacher ever! Okay anyways here we go...I will try to post my computing project first..we will see if it works as a pdf. So....i tried that and it didnt work...maybe later or here is part of it with out the colors or text..

Okay next will be some photos that i turned it from photography...

And the next set is from ornament...aka doodle class...aka the best/easiest three hours of my college careers! They are pictures of drawings so the quality isnt the best and ignore my shadows!

Okay and next is figure drawing just a few of the ones lately that I have liked the best...Im still not anywhere near being good so just keep that in mind! PS and enjoy the behind shot!
This last one is from fine isnt my work but it is what I am going to try to attempt to do with ink and watercolor....I am using an image of the Eiffel we shall see how it turns out....and I already posted one of the images from my latest and greatest (jk) sculpture project so I will leave you for now with this to ponder from the latest book I am reading The Tao of Pooh --"Now, scholars can be very useful and necessary, in their own dull and unamusing way. They provide a lot of information. It's just that there is Something More, and that Something More is what life is really all about."--Benjamin Hoff

Friday, May 12, 2006

Countdown to fun!

Okay well since last time....a few things (rather boring things) have happened. Um first of all I am trying to finish up school work...6 of my classes will be done by the end of May. I am done with two of them and all I have to do is turn them in and Im done. And I might be done with Photography on Monday...Czech surprise...who knows? And I am finally progressing in studio and all I have to do is produce drawings to finalize them. We have our pin ups on the 12th of June and then Iwill be done with everything! Yeah. Sculpture guy still as crazy as ever! We are done with that at the end of May too! Yeah! So basically the entire second half of June is full of travel and fun! Cant wait!

That leads me to my next update! I booked my planes and hostels for Spain! Yeah! FInally...and I am traveling with Ben, Ben, and Dan...three of the...ummm how should we say this....most party going thrill seeking I might be in a little trouble! Especially since I am the only girl! Those boys like to party...I should be able to blend right end by the end of the trip...especially since I will be celebrating my sucessful semester at Czech Tech NINE...a little humor that most of you wont get! Dont worry mom and dad it isnt anything too dirty! But anyways I will be gone June 12th through the 18th and will be for sure inMadrid for a day and a half and Barcelona for at least 3!!! Yeah I am soo excited! I will for sure be practicing my perfect Spanish tongue!!

And third of all...I havent failed to go out the past two weeks! As I type Eric Vossman, Katie, and Adam Teefey are in town and we are about to go start drinking for the evening! It is 7:30 here so we will see where that goes! This weekend should be eventful and next week should be productive! Yeah for me! So I just thought I would write a short little blog to let you know I am still alive and kicking in Prague and still having the time of my life! I would like to give a shout out to my mom for Mothers Day and my Dad for his birthday on the 14th and my sister, Madison, for her bday on the 13th and of course my g-pa fo rhis birthday yesterday! I love you all! Okay well time to start drinkin!!! Ciao for now!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Grecian Islands, I will Return!

SO what can I say?...I loved Greece even though two of the four days it was cloudy and sometimes rainy...I stilll loved it and made it a must to go back someday...maybe a honeymoon...or whatever, I WILL be going back...and this time not on my parents money! Thanks mom and dad!

Okay well I guess I will try to do a brief day by day we go!
Day One: Well we landed in Athens on Friday and it took an extremely long and crowded bus ride to get from the hotel to our hostel, after which we found out we could have just taken the metro straight to our hostel door, but none the less....we got to our hostel and settled in and then wondered down Athinas street to a sqaure to find some food. We ended up at a small cafe where we has some pizzas and paninis. Did I mention you could see the acropolis from our balcony. And yes I did say balcony...our hostel room had a balcony. Oh and it was me, Annie, Dan, Luke, and Laura Torres. That night we just took showers and got ready for bed...oh and decided that we were going to take a cruise the next day to three islands.....yeah...I was super excited! My first cruise!

Day two: Cruise Day! Yeah!
We woke up like at 6 am...ahhh...and got ready to go cruisem...a chartered bus picked us up down the street from our hostel and took us to the port where we loaded onto our cruise ship and settled down at a table on the back of the ship. The sun wasnt shinning yet and the wind was blowing off the Aegan(sp?) Sea so it was a bit chilly, but we hoped that with time came the sun. It did eventually by the time we made it to our first island...Poros. We had about 30 minutes on Poros where we climbed a small hill and took some pictures..of course...and Dan stole/borrowed some postcards. He waited around and asked for somebody to help him and nobody would so he just left because the ship was leaving. So as we sailed on to our next desitnation we took an inside lounge booth that allowed almost all of us to pass out for a good 45 minutes until we arrived at favoirte island! We had about an hour there and they do not allow cars or motorized vehicles of any kind on this island so all you can do is ride no sorry we didnt ride any, we just found a place to lay out by the was a rocky hillside and still a bit chilly but we managed. Oh and I bought a fabulous white floppy hat! for 22 euros mind you...yes that was kinda ridiculous, but what can I say! So then we boarded again and it was time for lunch. After our three course lunch..we had some entertainment. A man dressed up as a woman? and Elvis? and a magician? Dont ask...but he did manage to make fun of Texas in his act. All the way in the Grecian Islands, and people still make fun of Texas? Who knew? The third and final stop was Aegina which is supposed to have some really good beaches but not on the half we were on and about 15 miuntes after we left the ship I realized my camera was missing. Ahhh so of course I wasnt in a good mood and I just wanted to get back to the ship to see if I had left it there. I was afraid someone had taken it out of my bag on the isalnd, but wasnt sure. So the girls went back to the ship ealry to look for my camera and the waiters gave me a run around and told me to come back later? So I wasnt sure if that meant they had it or not but basically all of us passed out agian inside and right before we were to dock back in Athens, I went and asked again about my camera and they had found it!! Phew! Thank goodness I was really worried more about the pictures than the camera, but I was glad to have it back. Geez that was long I will try to make the next couple days shorter...That night we came back to our hostel and watched a Van Dam movie on the tv in our hostel! Hah!

Day three: Sightseeing. I will try to make this brief. We basically wondered around Athens to the acropolis where it was raining and there was scaffolding on the Parthenon but still quite amazing as you may guess. We also wondered around the Agora which held the market and town and governemental building below the acropolis back in the day! And we made our way to Hadrians Arch and The Altar of Zues and several other ancient ruin sites. We found a couple dogs that wanted to hang around. Those dogs are crazy. They have their territory and they know the streets better than we did. They knew when to cross and when not to and knew that if you had food, you were their new best friend. But we had a pair of dogs do a sligh battle for us and so we had a new dog body guard for a bit! It was cute! Anyways I think this day ended with a panini, some ice cream, and some Rummy! haha!!

Day four: Stadium Day
We took off in the morning for the first ever Olympic Stadium. For the 1986 Olympics I believe....and then headed toward the Mystery Hill...meaning we didnt know what was up there but we climbed 19,000 feet in our flip flops none the less. I like to hike, just not completely unplanned and unaware of what lies ahead. We did get some good views and it was by far higher above Athens than the I shouldnt complain. Next we took the tram to the end of the line to the most recent Olympic Comlex, whihc was by far larger than the first and probaly included 6 stadiums and arenas of some sort. Swimming, soccer, cycling, indoor, whatever you can imagine Im sure! Then we made it back to our hostel again for some Heineken(sp?) and some rummy. And we packed for our flight the next day!

Day Five: Yes Yes we did have a flight at 4:15 which left us with a few hours to kill, so with our luggage in tow we took the tram to the beach because it was sunny again and we wanted to lay out. So we found the nearest beach and dragged our luggage out and layed out and read for about 2 hours. Thank goodness my skin got some sun because it was beginning to be scarey and quite similar to an albino. :( But we had to leave at some point so we made our way to the airpot only to get ticketed because we didnt have the right type of pass...ahh frustrating story! So 10 euros later we got to the airport and boarded. Our flight was only about half full so it was relaxing and I finished The Da Vinci Code which I enjoyed tremendously. But we landed i Prague and the weather was fabulous and we were all in pretty high spirits after our successful trip!

SO now it is time for work for about a week and a half before Teefey, Vossman, and Katie come to visit. I am going to finish two classes this weekend and hopefully another two by next weekend and then figure drawing and sculpture are done by the end of May and then all I have left is studio! Yeah! Geez the time is flying! Okay this was terribly long but I havent written in a hope everybody has a fabulous day and congrats on all the graduations! I miss everybody tremendously!! Ciao!