Tuesday, February 28, 2006

School is in Session!

Well the first couple days of class hasn't been bad. We are visiting the classes to see what we like. Right now I have ornamentation, figure drawing, computer graphics, sculpture, photograpgy and studio. I haven't chosen my studio yet, but I will figure it out soon! Around 20 hours..we'll see! The rest of this week we continue going to classes, and tomorrow night we have another party at the PM club that begins with the Czech students presentation, that should include Annie and I's debut...Im a little worried. But next week the Americans have their presentation so we plan on doing something bigger and better, of course!

Um I have made a few more travel decisions. First, after my ski weekend in the Alps next weekend, Annie and I are going to Krakow, Poland to visit Auschwitz and a couple other things. I am really interested in seeing this, and I will probably do some reading and research on it before I go. Also, I am going to see my number JUAN in Paris in the beginning of April. Annie and I will fly in and stay a couple four days and tour the city. It should be a blast, especially with my "dance partner for life!" We are also currently planning our trip to Greece which we are looking for late March or April. We will see how that fits in. The Italian students are going during their Spring Break, unfortunately, we do not have a Spring Break...so we were trying to go with them, but that is coming up soon, so we may not make it. Other than that! Annie and I are expecting a package from her boyfriend soon that includes, ponies with sparkles, tons of sour patch kids, diamonds, pocket aarons, and some other fabulous surprises I am sure. I will let you know all of our gifts...Oh and also Annie and I managed to do some hand laundry. We washed all of our panties by hand in the shower in buckets, I felt like a milk maid. Then we had panties hanging in our room for a couple days while they dried...the boys quite enjoyed it, it was like our own Vickie Secrets!

Anyways enough for now! I will let you know how the classes come out as well at the party tomorrow night! Leave a comment and I will love you forever! or not!! Whichever you prefer! Ciao!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Prague Travels!

Okay so after getting settled and having a great party, we had to get down to business. There were several things we had to do in order to be set in Prague, we have about 500 ids of some sort, I couldn't tell you what they were for, but we had to get those done. We got a Metro pass for three months, and we had to make a rather terrifying and tragic trip to the police station. This police station is in a rather communist type of building and is rather intimidating. Let me sum it up quickly for you. You must let the Czech police know that you have arrived in their country and therefore make this painful and dreaded trip to make sure we are who we are and so forth. Basically we took a number and waited in line for 4 hours...yes four hours. It was pretty much as close to hell as I ever hope to experience. Dont plan on doing it any time soon. There were no lines just foreigners trying to get by in crowded little hall with a couple hundred people. Loved it!

Anyways, no more negativity! After that was done, this week Annie and I went on a tour of Prague...it was snowy...cold, but pretty! We made it to St. Vitus which you can see from all over Prague. Beautiful, and the Prague Castle! On Friday we paid $12 to go on a tour in Pilsen where the Pilsner Brewery is located. Yeah Beer, I am trying to learn to like it! The tour was fun and we got back to Prague at a decent hour. Then Saturday, we had our tour to Kutna Hora, about an hour away with the bone chapel and St Barbara. I liked the chapel and the cathedral but the rest of the town seemed rather dead. Ahh and Annie and I got interviewed by the Czech students for their presentaion next week. They asked us history, politics, and geography about the Czech Republic, which honeslty we didn't know much about, and I don't think any of the Americans would know. More or less Annie and I think they chose the girls that looked the least bright. Little do they know we really are intelligent girls, just not when it comes to Czech culture. Im sure it will be quite humiliating next week with our faces on the screen not knowing much of anything. Ill let you know how that goes. So we got back to Prague around dinner and Annie and I experienced our first menza experience...thats our cafeteria. I had fried mushrooms, boiled potatoes and bread. They dont have the menu in English, which is strange seeing as it is an international dorm, so you kinda just guess what your getting. Interesting, but not too bad! And then a bunch of us got together to go to Old Town Square where they had big screens set up with the Czech Hockey team playing the Russians for the Bronze Medal. Czech won, and it was a great time. It was an amazing set up and the Czechs had so much pride for their team....there was drinking and dancing and celebrating following their win. Can't complain about the events of that evening.

Well some classes start tomorrow, monday, so we have to do some figuring out of classes. We have two weeks after that to make final decisions about what we want to take. It is much more layed back here, which shall be nice. I will write sometime this week and let you know how it is all going. Until then, leave a comment, and have a grand week!!! Ciao!

Beginnings in Prague!

Well Annie and I got to Prague last Friday night, sorry it has taken me so much time to write this, I promise I will do better in the future! For the first few days we got organized in our room, and wandered around Prague. Its Beeautiful! Of course! It definitely has more modern technology than I was expecting, but maybe that was because I was in Italy where they don't believe in escalators or elevators. That makes me sounds lazy, but it really sucks when you have 200 lbs of luggage to carry. Anyways the public transportation system here is very nice. The subway is very clean and not very crowded which is a benefit. Plus it is cheap. As with everything in Prague. Very Cheap! Very good for Annie and I. Monday started off with a meeting with the ISC (International Student Club). They help us get everything ready, including setting up trips for us every week or so. This week was basically a travel and party week, so of course it has been fun! Monday night we had a HUGE party for all the new international students. Thats around 200 students I guesstimate. They had rented out a two story club for us with flame throwing bartenders and everything. Crazy. Needless to say we had a fabulous time! We spent the first half of the night drinking and the second half dancing our behinds off! Also, apparently when I have had a little too much to drink I believe that I can speak fluent Spanish. Great for me, I think I had conversations with all the Spaniards, Mexicans, and Costa Ricans that night, solely in Spanish. Fabulous! Anyways that night was great. Hummm...oh yes, Annie and I live in a flat with 4 other girls. Annie and I share a room, Leah(KSU) and Selesta(Mexico), and Olga(Russia) and Mystery girl(Finalnd). We are usually in our room though. Although six girls sharing one bathroom might become an issue. Im sure well survive. Okay well I think thats about it for now!!! I will write later about my travels this week, and feel free to leave comments. I love comments! Also I have tons of pictures on facebook if you are on facebook, but if not just email me, and I will let you know how else you can see them! Ciao!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Well I arrived in Rome Saturday morning Feb. 12th. Katie and Megan picked up Annie and I at the airport and we headed home to pass out. We stayed with the girls in Orvieto in their apartment. It was cute! We got to see everybody during hte week we were there as well as all the kids at Santa Ciara_Castiglionne Florentino. The two Italian towns they are staying in are small and quaint. I loved the gelati...of course, who doesn't. We made a trip to Rome on Tuesday and took all day exploring, I have fabulous pictures of it! But when Firday the 17th came around, Annie and I were definitely ready to get to our own place. We we tired of living out of suitcases, but were going to miss the Italian culture and people. We plan on returning this semester to see Naples, Florence, Venice, Milan, and maybe more! I complied a list of a few things, I liked, disliked about my first weeek! Here it goes!

Things I liked/loved:
1. gelati (of of course)
2. italian old women with big fur coats and fabulous bug sunglasses
3. the language, which I used when I could
4. the historic culture
5. the Italian kids (under the age of 5, they all have pea coats and little italian boots..I want one)
6. the dogs (everybody as a dog, its fabulous)
7. the fact that you can buy gelati for one coin ( a 2 euro coin)
8. Roma_gorgeous (probably St Peters was my favorite, but i liked it all)
9. the convenience of public transportation
10. white wine cheaper than water

Things I didnt really like:
1. Damn european plug ins (why cant we all just agree on one)
2. the smell sometimes...of the people
3. the dirtiness of the public transportation
4. when i couldn't find gelati
5. when i just wanted water and it was more expensive than wine
6. the sitting fee at restaurants as well as paying for the bread
7. the fact that there are cats roamiung around everywhere without people...ewww
8. when they wrap their babies in plastic covers when they are in strollers???(inhumane)

That may be it! But I did have a fabulous time for 6 days and for the most part the weather was good to us! Ciao!