Friday, February 20, 2009

A Great Day...

I just had my day made by 2 things....

Free Ice Cream....and yes that is two things

1 being the "free" part
and 2 being the "ice cream" part!

the end!!

People watching....

So just a random few instances of my beloved people watching from lately...

-Wednesday night of this week we went out to Home Depot and bought a bunch of paint,etc for the new house..yippe...anyways we had a late dinner at Falafel King (love Greek food, probably my favorite now) and we were sitting at our typical two top when a man started to walk in the took him about 10 minutes (not exaggerating) to get through the airlock...the whole time talking to we kinda glanced at the other 2 patrons in the place (it was late) and they had the same look....was he drunk or homeless, probably both? But it isn't an area where there are a lot of those. Anyways so the lady behind the counter came to him and asked if she could help him and he just asked for water (quite clearly and without slurring) and went and sat down at the stools facing the window. The whole time, non-stop talking to himself. So anyways the real point to this story is I saw the lady from behind the counter go in the back and bring out something in her hand and then she proceeded to buy the Man baklava from with her own money. Ahh....I love Falafel King and that was a good deed to see!

Same night...reverse people watching...apparently people people watch me as well. As I was sitting there trying to decide between Squirrel gray and Pueter finish....i held up many (okay tons) of paint samples up to the white column near the paint samples. I did this continuously for approx. 20 minutes before the guys behind the lumber counter came up and said "you are cracking us up over here...if you need any help, ask Jan....she is great!" ha...thanks! Didn't think anyone was paying that much attention except for me! Who knew!

Now it is time for a bus story. It is random sometimes what people talk to each other on the bus but I thought this was cute. There was a guy that looked like this.... and a guy that was physically handicapped and was quiet and timid until the other guy got on the bus....and they were having the most in depth friendly reminded me of one of those posters that have have the dog and cat with their arms around each other. Another good people story!

Anywhooo...just some random thoughts. Also Ben and I close on the house in 4 days. Next Tuesday and have the movers coming next Saturday. Ahhh it all came ups o fast, but we are really excited and we are pretty sure we are going to get a tax rebate of 8000 dollars with the what Obama signed in Denver this past week, so we will keep our fingers crossed!

Happy Friday!