Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mean Adults Can Kiss me A**!

So...I have always had a large pet peeve of mean adults. How old are you, seriously? Don't you know if you treat total strangers this way (which can only mean that they treat people they are close to similarly) NO ONE WILL LIKE YOU.
And how can you stand being disliked? What incident caused this raving of ridiculousness you ask? Sunday evening, while my family and I and Ben hopped in his car to go downtown for dinner, we were circling to find a parking spot. We saw someone backing up but there was a car in front of us. Well it looked as if he was going to take it, but he passed it and started making what looked like a u-turn ahead of us, so we pulled in. (Ben was driving).
Anyways, so we parked and saw him throw it in reverse an back up and give us a death look. So that is when I started laughing and put my head in my lap so as not to be seen. Little did I know when I was doing this, he was getting out of his car. (Side Note: he is by himself, and we have five people in the car) He walks up to Ben's window and Ben rolls it down a few inches. (you can never be too sure at this point) Then the guy proceeds to say "If you value your car, you will leave this parking space." WTF? I of course still had my head in my lap and was oblivious to the fact the guy had even gotten out of his car.
So when i looked up a few seconds later I saw him walking back to his car and from the reaction of everyone else knew he had said something. So I rolled down my window and asked "What did you just say?' He responded "I said it twice and I am not going to say it again!" Ahhh my blood was boiling. So I asked my compadres what he said and when they told me I was livid.

I did NOT want to leave that spot but nobody else agreed. What was he going to do. We have his license plate # and five of us had seen his face? If he would have touched his car there are I am sure plenty of legal things that could have been done.
Who says that? Is a parking space on Sunday night really worth it, or a damage of property lawsuit worth it. I just wanted to stay int he spot and prove that (pardon my french) BASTARD a lesson. If I would have been paying attention to when he came by the car and I was as witty as I hope I am, I would have followed his "If you value your car, then you will leave this space" with "If you value your nuts you will walk away and not touch anything" But seeing as I came up with that as we were driving aways, I doubt it would have been as grand as I imagined. Now if he is as rude and egotistical as he proved to be in the five second he spoke, he might just have the nerve to hit a girl. Oh well Black eyes can be stylish, right?
Just kidding, but anyways so i do truly despise Mean adults who feel like they are right and they can get their way with everything. How long have they been on this planet, none of that is true with anyone, okay maybe Oprah, just kidding, but seriously!

Monday, March 03, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas?

WHAT? Yeah I know, that is what I am thinking. I mean I know I moved to Denver, but seriously?...apparently (as always from my very reliable source) we have had about 140% of the snowfall that we normally do here in Denver (of course my first winter). Now in the mountains is fine when i am skiing and there is fresh powder, that is great. But when I start sliding off the freeway and my breaks is not cool. If you do not currently live here, it was only one day but it was snowy and icy weather about a day after it was 70 here in Denver? And I thought Kansas weather was schizophrenic...who knew?

Anyways so if you didn't know now...I am ready for summer, but this past weekend I was on a ski trip with my firm for the annual Ski Race Fundraiser for Athletes with Disabilities (don't quote me on that but it was something similar.) Anyways we raced and got second in our heat which isn't enough to move on to the next round...but it was fun and we had VIP passes for the whole weekend which meant for us (Me, Sarah, Mackenzie, Katie, and Ben) we had free booze and food all weekend. (that equalled one cheap drunk night Saturday night) But the skiing there in Winter Park was great and my skis fit correctly this weekend which made it all the better.
Anyways, quick work update. Since I started at JG Johnson Architects in June (June 11th to be exact...people should know that is a very important date) I have been working on two projects mainly. One being 20 3-story townhomes in Avon/Vail/Beaver Creek, CO. It is a small project but a lot of fun and the clients are pretty cool so the design should be pretty awesome. More contemporary than most "mountain architecture" up there. But seeing as they will be too expensive for even my boss to afford, I have no hopes of ever owning one...which is sad, because they will be sweet! And similar to our 24 Walnut Townhomes.

Second project I am working on is the new "W" Hotel in Lower Downtown Denver. Sweet again. The hotel company is again pretty badass and is all about sleek modern design, with a lot of emphasis on the interiors. We are just moving into DDs but are pretty ahead not to mention the project is done completely in BIM which rocks my socks off. It is a huge project for our firm so I feel lucky to be on the team. When it is completed I will be honored to have been a part of it. (Picture is of a rendering for the Atlanta W)
Anyways that is all for now. I am really busy at work with both of these projects not to mention I am currently coaching a 5 week volleyball coach for middle shhoolers. I hope to pick up more volleyball coaching jobs after this seeing as I thoroughly enjoy it.
My parents and little sister come into town in two weeks and possibly my grandparents which I am very excited for. I will try to convince my sister to move up here. And in May i am hoping to make a 21st birthday trip to Vegas with Maddie and my mom. That could be one crazy weekend if you know my sister and my mom at all. Also in June I will be heading home for Emily' graduation and at the end of June I will be in Huron, SD for a wedding. So much traveling which I will take as it comes.

Well...other than that HAPPY MONDAY and question for the day is:
-how do you answer your phone at work? "This is Allison" is my response, however, most people know who they are calling, so i am not sure that is the best response. Let me know.