Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fast forward...

Well hello!?

So the "fast forward" title refers to the quickness of this whole home-buying thing. Last Monday we met with our agent, (enter plug here ) Randi Goldberg from LiveUrban Real Estate in Denver, and spent two hours going over the process and what to expect and what we were looking at, etc. Then looked on her database online for places we were interested in seeing.

So we spent Saturday looking at 7 homes in the Highlands and Sunday looking at 6 homes in Capitol Hill/Uptown area. And guess what...we found 3...yes 3 that we really liked/loved. That wasn't supposed to happen inteh first weekend. The one we really liked and we very curious about was this one.
It is huge and awesome for the we, as well as Randi, thoguht there has to be something wrong with we walked around and found some small stuff...cleanup and touchups and cosmetic thigns that needed to be done, but the comps in that area go for at least half a million and we were just thinking what a great investment it would be. So she ran the history and called the seller's agent and there are 5 offers already on the table...the lowest being the askign thats a no-go. But we are glad that made our decision easier, that would have been hard to give up.

So the next 2 our the ones we are still consdering...close to each other and within 5000 price range, they are both great.

They are both brick bungalows in Highlands and they both have their we are waiting a little bit to make our decision.

We are looking at 4 more tonight and then will discuss what we want to do. Those two are pretty hard to beat though so it wil be tough. Ben was ready to make an offer on the Emerson house before we found out it had 5 this whole thing might be fast forwarded a little bit.

Who knows, we could be in a new house within a month or two....eeeeee!

I will keep you posted!


Blogger mack said...

wowzas it's definitely happening fast!

9:57 AM  
Blogger melanie said...

yay! i didnt know you had a blog! whoo-hoo! :)

i like the two houses you're considering a lot... i especially like the blue bathroom with the claw bathtub.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

you could be your own little episode of house hunters! which one did you get?????

8:52 PM  

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