Monday, August 07, 2006

The Summer is almost over ahh!

So once again I apologize for the long delay for the blog...I don't actually know if anybody reads these anymore...but I will spend some time at work to write one anyways. I have been incredibly busy this summer with little time to breathe! Last time I left you I was about to head to Manhattan for the weekend to see a few important people that I hadnt seen in a long time. I saw Sarah, Jenna, and Caitlyn whom I hadn't seen in around 6 months....ahh...and I saw Ju who I hadn't seen since Orvieto, and I saw Ben whom I hadnt seen since he left Prague so around a month. It was a blast of could it not have been...with all my favorite people!

But the weekend went by too fast and before I knew it I was driving 12 hours home on Monday morning....blahhh! So since then, I had a bachelorette party! Wow that was a crazy good time. The first night we stayed at Erin and Michaels' new house in Siewnna Plantation and did girly things like have a penis pinata, a blowup doll, and have sex talk of course! Then Saturday morning we(meaning 12 girls) headed to Lake Charles, LA....yes!! We stayed at La'Berge (sp?) hotel and casino...and to make a long story short didnt end up paying for anything the entire weekend because we ran into a 5 man bachelor party that was staying in a 10,000 dollar a night villa, so needless to say they had to means to pay for all our Grey Goose and Crown and Red Bull and whatever else our drunk hearts desired! It was basically exactley how a bachelorette party should have been! We came back, Sunday, hungover and with our pockets full, so it was a huge success!

Since then, I have been cleaning, packing, and preparing for Erins wedding, not to mention starting to freak out about ht enext year of my life! It has all come so fast and I know that it will soon be over before I know it. I have some very important decisions to make soon and some important people that I need to include in my future plans! Speaking of...

I will give you a brief understanding of my new boyfriend...just because i like him that much and I want everyone to know it! For those of you who know...we started seeing each other in Prague and decided after coming back that we didnt like being apart, so we made it official and I couldn't be happier. I trust him completely which is something very difficult to do for me. He treats me fabulously and likes me for who I am...all the imperfections included! It has gotten serious pretty fast but neither of us have a problem with that and are super excited about this upcoming year! Everything has just been falling into place and I seriously couldn't be happier! Okay sorry that was a little corny and gay, but I wanted him and everybody to know how much a sweet and selfless guy is appreciated! hahah...he meets my friends and family in 3 days so we will see if he sticks around after that...haha..hopefully!

Okay well I will write again after the wedding and when I am back in Manhattan about to start my final college year! AHHH again sorry! Okayu well I hope everybody is having a fabulous time and leave a comment if you actually still read this thing so I know! Miss you all!