Thursday, April 27, 2006

Paleness be GONE!!!

Lame title once again, but I am just writting a short bleep before I head of to the beaches to toast my pale little body! Yeah! I will give you a short and therefore less boring description of my week.

The days consisted of waking up around noon like always and meandering to class. I found out that my studio final pin up is June 2oth which is a little inconvenient, but arent most classes. I had just wanted to get all my stuff done before I spend a week in Spain in June. But it looks as if studio will not be done yet. I believe all my other classes will be done by the end of May and first week of June which is nice. But other news, we went out twice this week and sorry about the shortage of pictures recently I have no batteries for my camera, which i have now so dont worry there will be plenty of pictures of Greece and the nudie beaches ! Yeah get excited! But anyways...where was I???? Yes yes...we went out twice this week, Tuesday and Wednesday of course. After Tuesday night Im not quite sure how I made it out on Wednesday, but I am glad I did. We ended up going to a pub which was quite chill with Annie and I and umm....about 6 american guys and lets say 12 czech guys. We were surrounded. I made it home before Annie...haha...and passed out. But before the night was over there was an invitation to a house party and an invitation to the Red Hot Chilli's concert in June...mmm...tempting.

But anyways in family related news. I got a phone call from my mom this weekend screaming..basically...and being just terrible excited, bacause my little sister... shes not really little, shes 16 and she actually just informed me that she now weighs 133 lbs...and it is 5'7" and a anywasy I am sure shell love that I just typed that....but her volleyball team qulified for the Junior Olypics this summer in Altanta...which she has been to for three years in a row it wasnt too terribly surprising..but it was exciting becaasue they got first in the entire tournament which had something like 166 teams. Anyways exciting for my dad and mom...i think they both had a henia just thinking about it! Bad news related to that...that happens to be July 1-4th and right when I will be flying into HOUSTON...not I may not have anybody to pick me up at the dads response to that was..."Don't you have friends?" I was like thanks dad! But I might be flying into Atlanta instead and surprising my little sis..which could be fun... I hope she doesnt read this thing! I dont think she does....her life is terribly busy with socializing and shopping and whatnot...jk! Im sure thats how I was at that age.

Okay sorry that was pretty much an awful blog but thats all I got for one should be better lets hope! Just pray that there is little rain in Greece this weekend and that I wont become a lobster....but I DO promise there will be a return of the ridiculous amounts of unecessary pictures shortly! Ciao for now!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Work Week..sorry ...couldnt come up with anything better!

Okay not really...but it is supposed to be. I mean I am working but still finding time to play a little. Um I am mainly been trying to catch up with school work some this week. This blog may be terribly boring but just letting you know what I am up to. Um Tuesday I had studio and computing class got cancelled because the teacher never showed up. For studio I actually had a lot to show...well at least more than normal...I had done my plans and and some sections and elevations...Now I have to build a model with the small amount of materials I have...a study model more or less at a 1:500 scale so it is relatively small and should be pretty I just have to do it!

For sculpture we have still been working on the still life of a couple beer bottles, a rag, a mallet and some other object which I have yet to figure out the use of. For photography, which we havent actually done anything or turned anything in, our next topic is weather so, thats what I have been doing. Um, lets see what else. My computing class and figure drawing class are all going to be done in may as well as probably a couple others which is good and makes my highly anticipated trip to Spain in June more open!

I have also of course gone out...we usually go downstairs to the pub or club and play some games or we get together in our room to play some P&A or Circle of Death or some highly intelligent drinking games. Then it gets to late and everybody gets a little lazy and we just stay here! And this week the weather has warmed up greatly like 70-80 which has been fabulous but just makes me want to sit in the park and lay out and read...I am currently reading The Da Vinci Code, which makes me want to go back to Paris and keep traveling to see everything he is discussing in the book...but I think I will just have to use my memories for that.

And of course annie and I have done a little shopping oh and we did laundry again...we dropped it off and let them do it...Annie came back with three less items than she dropped off but we are unable to find them think the machine ate them.

Okay I am sooo sorry this was pretty boring but more or less for me it has been all I need to do before Greece is find a big floppy hat and pack my sunglasses and my bathing suit...and Ill be good! Hope everything is going great and I will talk to yall soon I am sure!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Berlin..a trip where I learned too much!

Well so I am back from Berlin, and I do have to say it was probably one of my favorite cities...including Prague. Those are my top two so far! Anyways...I am going to try to break it down into days and be as brief as I can be....yet informative and tired though so we will see how that goes!

Day One...we got into Berlin around 10 pm on Thursday night and all 9 of us goit situated into our hostel. A very accomodating hostel with beds that I didnt mind sleeping in..which says a lot really. Anyways we decided to get up super early at like 6:30 to get up and go to Reihtstag (sp?) before the crowd got there. So we managed to get there early enough and made it to the top relatively soon. Which I soon found out was the only part of the building you are able to see, so after we saw that we ventured to the Brandenburg gate and found....Starbucks. I got a non fat no whip White Chocolate Mocha with Peppermint. Yummmy! That made my day! Anyways After that we wondered around the group split up and we headed to the Mies van de Rohe Art Museum whose exhibit was "Melancholy" It was nice..had a few Andy Warhols, and Picasso's, and the Thinker, and more that I cannot remember! Anyways after that we found some chinese food in the mall and enjoyed a delicatessen meal...i love germany and they love their chinese food! After that we headed to the Holocaust (sp?) Memorial which was very cool. I liked it a lot...the sun came out shortly following the terenchal downpour which made for a variety of pictures! We also made it to Potsdamer Platz and Alexander Platz later. It begam to ran a lot on us at Alexander Platz so the girls decided to go see a movie at the Cinema in the Plaza. So we bought the tickets and the snacks and sat through 30 minutes of German Previews to see Clive Owen being dubber German. Who knew? ahhh In Prague they change the name if it is not in english. Every movie title had been changed to German except for the Inside we though we were 15 minutes later we had our refunded tickets in hand and were headed back to the hostel. Dont forget the Kebabs we got on the way home! That night after some nappies...we headed out with Ian and James (Scottish)'s friends that are studying there and chilled at a restaurant/bar for a couple hours before going home to pass out. A nice, long and exhausting day! Oh how could I forogt we also saw the Berlin Wall today..peices of it obviously...but it was humbling and quite educational!

Day two...We woke up a little later on Saturday and headed out first to the Jewish Museum by Libeskind (sp?) im no good at the spelling...sorry! We didnt go in but took plenty of picture s on the outside and even found a fun little playground behind it and wasted some time. Later we met up with the others and ate lunch...I orded schnitzel attempting to get a German dog....but leanred that Schnitzel is different that Weiner schnitzel. So I got some kind of breaded pork that I eventually gave to the guys! After that we wondered around Alexander Platz on a sunny day and took pictures of the Poseidon fountain and the Cathedral and founda huge patch of green grass on museum Isle and layed around basking in the sun for an hour or so! It was most enjoyable! Then we got a ruffle in our tailfeathers and decided to make it to the 3:30 soccer/futbol game in the Olympic Stadium. Yes the Olympic Stadium that Hitler built in the 30s for the Olympics. So we made it and had a terrbile amount of fun. The Germans are crazier about their futbol than the Czechs are about thier hockey! It was surreal and great! The stadium holds around 75,000 which doesnt sound too big but it was huge seriously! Specially for the 30s...and to know that Hitler funded and buiolt it was strange. Anyways it was a good non scoring game. Afterwards we headed back to our hostel and got some Pizza Hut...yes Pizza Hut...we're pathetic I know. But we passed out and spent the rest of the night hanging around in teh club and bar in our hostel!

Umm...Okay one more! So the third day we got up later becasue some of the Catholics went to Church. Anyways it was Easter Sunday and I had completly forgot. But we made our way to the 100 bus that takes us by allthe touristy stuff and it took us to Pergamon Museum that hold parts of the Altar of Zues and the Ishtar gate...which is a bit strange seeing as niether of these originated in germany...but oh well. Everybody was pretty exhasuted so most of us headed back to the hostel to eat and take a nap again and we packed and got ready for the ealry train ride home in the morning! I FINALLY finished my book, the Fountainhead that seems to have taken me forever! But now I am going to speed read the DaVinci Code so i can see the movie when it comes out soon! So this mornign we got up and caught our train after some dunkin doughnuts...i had a bagel....ummm....and got back to Prague around 3 ish and now all I have done is download pictues and email and unpack. But as of now and this upcoming week....I have a lot of school work to do and cathcup one...which always sounds fun! So this weekend I have nothing and the weekend after that is Greece! Yeah! Glad to have a weekend off though and yes I am doing school here I promise...just with a side of lots of travel!

But I hope everybody is having a fabulous time wherever they are and leave me a comment if you wish! Ciao for now!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Merci, Parie, Qui me parle?

Yes yes, we are back from Paris and had a fabulous time of could we not...Juan, Annie and I. All I can say is cheap wine and a little drinking games done a person good! Well well lets see, I will try to make a breif rendition of the events that happened!

First night annie and I arrived in Paris at Midnight, which i wouldnt recommend, walking around with our luggage trying to find our hostel. Not too bad, but could have been better! We got there and got a room complete with 4 beds? and a shower curtainless shower also lacking a shower head holder. Needless to say showering was an ordeal in itself! But we woke up on Firday and Juan met us at our Hostel! Yeah! My numero Uno! Juan! We decided to just wonder and see what happened so we did the Arch de Truimph first and it took us a while to figure out how to get to the center of it...we almost died crossing the street...then we just started heading for the Eiffel Tower which of course can be seen from all over the city! We decided to go to the top...yeah 11 euros later we were there and we could see the whole city! Dont forget the part where Juan say the Monument of Eiffel and saw the dates below him and asked if that was how long it took to build the thing...we'll excuse him, he isnt American...thats what he says anyways! Oh and then Juan, my dance partner for life, and I danced in front of the Tower until a gypsy lady came up to us asking for money! Anyways that night concluded with some grocery shopping buying only wine and only buying the ones that matched our outfits. Thats how we picked them out. Totally legit way of doing things! Oh and we danced in the aisles! Dancing is a must of course! Annie, Juan and I headed to his hotel and spent a ridiculous amount of time drinking cheap wine and playing ridiculous card games! Too much fun!

Day two consisted of Annie and I on our own which meant one thing! Shopping! So we headed toward the Galleries da La Fayette! We ran into the Opera House on the way! Yeah! The Mall was fun, including some strippers, famous French models, and Prada Burberry and Chanel! Can't really go wrong! We wondered around and only made one purchase which is all we could afford there really. A sleeping mask...and we had no idea what they said when we got them! Yeah French! Anyways we looked for some special presents....;) but couldnt manage to find them. Next we headed to the Louvre of course...which is Gigantic by the way, we didnt go inside to see the museum because it would have taken forever and a day to go through the thing but we wondered around outside and through the gardens for a while! We also saw the Obelisque at the end of the gardens as well as a bride with way too many feathers on her dress! MAAM!...No Feathers! Anyways it started raining a bit so we headed back to our hostel with Kebabs in hand and called it a night! more day to go! So we met Juan again and started wondering around aimlessly and got to see the Moulin Rouge. Then we took a four hour detour to try to find the Hard Rock Cafe...found it ate some mac and cheese and headed out! Next was the Notre Dame which was a topic of controversy. Annie says this is the one from the Hunchback and Juan said it was the Notre Dame in Spain. Arguement solved when we got back and googled it! Annie was right...Juan you're wrong! Boo!!! I had no idea and I was going to let those Catholics argue it out! Anyways we took some fabulous pictures in front of the Norte Dame on Palm Sunday and watched some really cool skaters do some tricks! Entertaining...we then went shopping on the street markets and got a little something for some special people plus myself! But anywasy then we thought it would be a good idea to go drink some more cheap we did of course! And htat is how we spent our last night in Paris...drinking cheap wine and listening to some good old Texas Country! Annie loved it! But I guess that is all for now! I am back temporarily in Prague until Thursday when I leave for Berlin! Yeah! and then I have two weeks of freedom! But there is only one thing left to say!...

We'll always have Paris! :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pre-Paris Party!

Hey! Well after the Saturday visit to the zoo, Annie, Luke, and I made it up to Petrin Hill on Sunday! It was a beautiful day and since it overlooks Prague we got some good pictures and took a nice relaxing day! They have Pragues Eiffel Tower which is built to mimick the one and only original in Paris...which coincidently I am leaving for in about an hour and a half! So two Eiffell Towers in one week! I am one lucky girl! Needless to say we had to climb all 500,000 stairs...okay maybe not that many...but you get my point! And we got to see Prague from higher up and experience some closerange czech smellies! Yeah...its April!! Ha, anyways! We ended the trip with a Eurodog which was suprisingly Fabulous and Annie even ate one...and she doesnt eat pork! So Sunday was a sucess! The rest of the week involved some school work and Tuesday night was FacetoFace party...which we were first timers least Annie and I were!

That night was a huge success we made it back by three and I managed to drunk dial my mother! She laughed like always! We did some predrinking with Malibu Coconut Rum...yummmy!!! and proceeded with vodka for the rest of the evening!! The club was three stories and had plenty of room to dance as well as music to dance to! By the end of the night we were all eurodancing and eurodrunk which always makes the dancing easier! (ps Eurodancing simply is described as moving about with little or no inhibitions or rythym) its quite fun you should totally try it!

After Tuesday night I didnt think much was going to happen on Wednesday, but Annie and I managed to drink plenty downstiars in the club for hours upon hours with the americans plus ramon! I love Ramon! haha! inside joke really..sorry! But anyways so we got up today printed off our tickets for tonights flight to PARIS!!! And now we are packing and everything! I talked to Juan today and he is there and waiting for us!! I bethe is sooo excited! How could he not be waiting for Annie and I! Hah, well so for now I will just leave you awaiting my Paris trip! Have a great weekend! Ciao!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I Played with the Animals!

Well this week/weekend has been pretty chill. Annie and are are leaving on Thursday to go to Paris...yeah, so we have been trying to get some of our school work done. We are both taking seven classes and the work is slowly catching up to us. But this weekend, on Firday Annie, Bryan and I wondered around town, shopped a little, and whatnot. It was a beautiful day and all the people are coming out. I know I am going to enjoy the Spring weather emensely! Anyways, so today, Saturday, Laura, Laura, Annie and I decided to make a day trip to the Prague zoo. We left around one.

As we entered the zoo there was a tally of 4000 some people that had entered already that day...anyways we proceeded through the zoo and had quite a day. We took several pictures of course of the animals and ourselves. Although I am not really a cat person, my favorite exhibit in the zoo has always been the big cats so I was excited to see the cheetahs, leopards, tigers, lions, etc. Annie's favorites were the elephants and penguins. I have compiled a small list of interesting/odd things about this zoo in particular, and I hope you find it at least a little bit entertaining:

1. There were pony rides through the zoo with little children?
2. I would say approx. 15% of the people in the zoo had brought their dogs...and it was completely normal? (even though this is expected, Czechs take their dogs everywhere)
3. The zoo is as hospitable to the visiting dogs as to the humans, they provide dog bowls of water placed sparatically throughout the zoo.
4. The fattest and heaviest animals, the elephants, were keep inside with a window of about 2' x 2' by which to view them through. It was a warm and beautiful day and I am unsure as to why they werent outside in the huge play area built for them.
5. The tallest animals were also keep inside with dirty windows with a two foot ledge in front of them so infortunately hard to see. Again they had an entire seperate land area for them that was not being used at all.
6. Everybody had ice cream. We couldnt feel left out, so we got some too!
7. They had two tiger cages completely on seperate sides of the park as well as the leopards.
8. And last but not least, the large cats all seemed to be passed out...sleeping..i hope at least, but evey one of them had a huge rawhide of some sort just laying out in their cage, so we assumed they were all asleep due to the large amount of raw meat they had just consumed.

Okay well most of the day was a success, exceot for the small mishap with the monkey cage. You see I was just wanting to take a picture of the monkey and so i put my camera up to the cage and my hand protruded slightly in the cage, before I knew it, there was a small chunk of my hand missing....i have to get rabi shots on monday.

okay okay fine you caught wasnt the monkey it was a tiger...okay fine it wansnt my hand it was my leg...okay fine fine april fools....none of that happened, just thought i would throw a little lame april fools humor in there...but that is the story i used on my dad today. He bought it but didnt seem too worried and so when I told him it was a joke he laughed and said it would have been better to say the monkey stole my camera. You see my dad is a little stiff on money(he has to be he has three daughters and a wife) and as long as the camera cost more than the rabi shots, he would have been more upset if the camera was gone than if his eldest and brightest daughter's health and well being was put into danger. Oh well what can you do!

Okay well it is almost three in the morning and I think I should hit the sack....tomorrow we are going to visit Petron Hill with Pragues Eiffel Tower and a labrynth and maze of mirrors, which should be interesting to say the least. So Ciao for now and I will talk to you all soon. PS I got a states phone number that you can call me on....785-727-2242. Ahoj!