Monday, February 18, 2008

Darling in Denver

Topics of the Day:
-my ever so exciting weekend (sports game for you guys)
-chapstick users?
-girls and their rings?

So I will start with the most obvious: my weekend, cause we all know I enjoy discussing myself. :)

Mackenzie emailed the girls on Friday afternoon at work and let us know she has some free Suite tickets for the Denver Mammoths game (Denver's Pro lacrosse Team) Exciting I know. Now I will go ahead and let you in in some top secret knowledge of mine. Denver has the most professional Sports teams in the counrty. Argue or whatever (as my boyfriend often does, letting me know that obviously New York has Denver beat) but I heard it somewhere from a very reliable source that I can't put my finger on this second, but I promise.

Anyways back to the game. We had a suite with all the alochol you could ever imagine or want, and there were probably about 12 of us including Mackenzie's brother (the source of our great tickets) and a slew of his friends. Now seeing as it was my first lacrosse game EVER, I determined with some obvious input from Ben, Sarah, and Mackenzie, that lacrosse is a mix between hockey, soccer, and basketball (yes there is a shot clock). Most common with hockey. But anyways the most surprising part was the crowd. More packed and rambunctous than a Nuggets game, and again from a reliable source (Mac's Bro) the Mammoths sell out more often than the Nuggets. Who'd have thunk? So by the end there were some drunk people and we stayed into the suite well after the game was done and left only when we were forced to. After that we meandered to teh Highlands were we had a few drinks at the ForestRoom5. A trendy swindig of a joint that played several projections of a random display of movies and as Sarah and I saw...50s cowboy porn? what? don't ask! ha!

Saturday during the day not much exciting going on except for the fact that mac and Sarah borrowed Ema for a hike and Ema had to poop a little too often for Sarah's liking. Ha. But thanks to them Ema was too pooped out(no pun intended) to be at all rambunctous the rest of the day. She is working on her figure. (a little sausage as some people...cough...would say).

Saturday night consisted of my two loveliest lady friends (sarah and mac) and I heading to Cherry Creek to watch 27 dresses. A very predictable, and in that same fashion, entertaining and romatic. We liked it and Katherine Heigl and James Marsden (sp?) didn't hurt, both easy on the eyes.

Sunday consisted of napping, IHOP, and some LEED studying, so you will understand if I do not elaborate on that day! :)

So three questions for comments on this blog?

1. Girls, I have been informed that what fingers we where our rings on (fashon or family or significant other, it does not matter) says something about us. So the question is on a daily basis which fingers do you where your rings? This is of course if you are not engaged.

2. ArrowHead Water has come out with a new Eco Friendly and Green plastic bottle for their water. Does anyone see bottled water as an antithesist of the green movement?

and 3. Are you an avid chapstick user? You know the kind. Always a chapstick in your pocket ready for the dry, peeling, and parched feeling? Curious for a couple of reasons: one being my past two boyfriends fall into this category, and until recently (recently refering to my move to a very dry state) I haven't paid much attention to the whereabouts of my chapstick.

And Finally, Sarah Karlan's 24th b-day is on Monday. ahhh we are aging at a ever-rapid pace and I am glad to say she will always be my OLDER, wiser best friend, and I love her for that, not to mention the fact that she will always listen to and enjoy my stories, that more often than not she has already heard! So Happy Birthday a week from today Sarah Ann!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rewind 1.5 years

Yea, sooo. I haven't written in 1.5 years. So here is a brief rundown of what has gone down and what is currently happening as I frolic around town. (town now refers to Denver, CO, where I currently reside and reek havok.) I am trying to get this thing up and runnign again...I will try.

Past 1.5 years:
-continued to procrastinate my way through my last year of college
-ate some pita pit
-spent time with bf and bfs (ben, sarah, ju, katie, etc)
-started looking for a job and finished my portfolio(I wonder if portfolio rhymes with polio for a reason)
-missed Europe and all of my frolicings.
-found a real job in a city called Denver
-gradimitated and managed not to trip across stage
-got drunk to celebrate
-celebrated birthday #23
-celebrated ben and I's one year
-went to Disney World and loved all the whonannies!
-started real world
-I am more broke then when I was in college
-broke my car and got a new one
-took up painting
-got a dog from the local shelter. I call her ema. (emily, madison, allison)
-my dog is magic
-got promoted to Event Planner/Party Girl at work (Yes!)
-decided to go the LEED route and am currently studying
-tried snowboarding
-quit snowboarding, returned to skiing
-love my job and all the people (rare I know)
-am currently working on the new "W" Hotel in Denver LoDo
-am also working on some million dollar townhomes in Vail/Beaver Creek, CO
-enjoying Denver's amazing public transit
-hanging out with the ladies (Sarah, Katie, Mackenzie, Lauren, Melanie)
-bought a zebra chair

Okay, so that about sums up my last year and a half. I am still with Ben and he recently moved here and we are looking to buy a house together in the next year or so. I do seriously love my job and the work I do and my dog.

Reasoning for starting this thing back up:
-honestly I was reading Nicole's blog and found it terribly entertaining and telling and thought "i know people love to hear about my life" ha! no but seriously blame or thank Nicole Ellis, soon to be Semple.

I am currently contimplating the following:
-getting a bumble bee tattoo...i just don't know where...ideas anyone?
-taking a random vacation to somewhere like....I don't know...ideas anyone?
-actually working on what I am supposed to be working on (I am at work)

Happy Valentine's included!