Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All i want for Christmas is You!

Sorry it has been a while, but I have been severely busy with work and life and everything else that fits in between. Let's see. Since last time, I have:

Started coaching volleyball again for a 16s girls club team. I thoroughly enjoy coaching volleyball. if it paid enough I would make it my only job! :) But I am not that lucky.

I went to Sand Diego and Beverly Hills for two days for work. it was a blast. I went with my boss and another associate principal. I love San Diego. great city! And not to mention the meetings there went very well too.
I went to Jenna Brown's (now Watson's) wedding in Topeka and it was great to see her and everyone else. I can't believe she is the first of the 1229 Crew to get hitched. Who'd have thunk?
I am trying to figure out ways to save money and additionally make money. We had lay offs at work again. From 32 at our highest point, we are down to 18 i think. Sarah and i are still here, but it is getting scary. I am just trying to make myself indispensable at this point. it has worked thus far. I am the office BIM Manager, LEED coordinator, and Party Planner. Not to mention intern architect.
Back to the making money part, I am working 2 jobs and thinking about a third. I have also thought about selling my paintings...soo.

For Halloween Ben and I were a monk and a pregnant nun, very classy, I know. We weren't the only ones who had a halloween outfit.

Hmmm. Other than that I just can't wait to get home for the thanksgiving holidays! To see the family and have the first annual Beardmore Drinking Games event. Should be entertaining to say the least.

Also, regarding the title of this blog, I have been listening to Christmas music straight for the past week, and I can't get enough. Our Christmas tree, stockings and decorative door bow are already up in the apartment thanks to my mom's lovely hobby lobby donation (see below in previous post)

Anywhoooo, I'll see you after i have ingested loads of goodies!