Monday, June 23, 2008

June Bug


birthday was great, Ben ended up giving me....drum roll please
Salsa lessons for the two of us! Yea! I can't really believe he agreed to doing that, but that is why it was such a spectacular gift!
So in a few months I am going to be a Salsa autographs please!
We also went to Ruth Chris's for dinner! Yummy steak and butter! mmmm!
Lesson 1-salsa! went great. Ben is better than we all imagined (all=me, ben, and salsa instructor)
We are also going to attempt the Cha Cha and the Meringue. Cool!
my birthday weekend was great; the girls surprised me and took me out to Encore (superfab little restaurant on colfax, yes colfax) and then out for a night of A LOT of shots. Sarah kept telling me to dress in a bright color, so I bought a bright red little number and showed up to dinner where all the girls were dresses in black! sweet! and they bought me princess jewels to wear all night!
I got home, got sick, and had a late night snack of warm biscuits with cold mashed potatos (courtesy of Ruth's Chris). Fabulous drunk food I might add.
Anywhoooo! Not much going on after that. Ben and I are going to South Dakota this weekend for Porter's wedding (Ben is a groomsman). Tiny airplane to fly in, going to be interesting!
umm and in July for Ben and I's 2 year anniversary (ahhh!) I am taking him SKYDIVING! Ahhh! So if I don't make it (knock on wood) I would like Sarah to get my car and Ben to get my dog! jk! hopefully!
So I will keep you posted....
Half Marathon count down, San Fransisco, 1 month and 1 week away! that deserves another Ahhhh!
Ciao for now!
disclaimer: that is not me in the skydiving photo

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEE!

Today is my Birthday. So far I have received:

-fresh made breakfast of eggs, bacon, and biscuits from Ben
-hot and yummy starbucks from Sarah Ann
-best friend card from Sarah Ann
-purple Happy Birthday Balloons and pink ribbons decorating my desk at work from Sarah Ann
-Happy 1-year at work Anniversary decorations at my desk from my work of course
-happy birthday text from Amber this morning
-Happy birthday email from Laura Kay!
-numerous birthday messages on facebook!

So far, so good.
Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sarah Ann

and just to let people know, Sarah is alive and well although not on facebook. she recently made the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders, i may be her number one fan. and she also began dating someone i think is particularly fantastic; so just a brief update for her, since she is not on the facebook! oooh and she has bangs!

I am sorry, It will never happen again!

Sorry, it has been too long. again. 2 months. well, I think since then some things have happened. hmmm...let's see, i passed my LEED exam! thank heavans I only had to take it kinda sucked, not going to lie, but it is done and now Sarah calls me Alli AP.

I just moved last weekend...oh wait, i went to Vegas a couple weeks ago and had a great time for my sister's 21st bday and my moms' 50th. that includes Bealtes LOVE Cirque de soliel show and CHippendales! yippee! and yes i have pictures ladies! Unitl I tried to get home which meant for me 27 hours straight in airports and come on people...isn't it yor job to get people from here to there...or in my case Vegas to Denver. I could have driven in half the time, and believe me I considered it.

But back to I just moved into a new place. it is super cute a huge old victorian house rightnext to Cheeseman park; the house has been divided into to units and been updated and the yard and porches are amazing. I am on the second story with a great porch. small AC...I know I know but actually it hasn't been bad so far. even during sunday when I was moving stuff around. but other than that, not too shabby. oh and did I mention, Ben moved in as well?

umm, other news, i am headed to Houston this weekend for Emily's hs graduation. and then at the end of June to Huron, SD for a wedding....yes Huron, SD. and big news....

Mackenzie, Sarah, and I recently signed up for the half marathon in SAN FRAN at the beginning of August. ahhhh! I am trying to train but with moving and Vegas, I haven't kept up to well to me training schedule. So after this weekend I HAVE TO buckle down, so i don't die in San Fran. Also we will be seeing our lovely lady British friend Laura there as well, so it should be an eventful trip.

Other than that, just normal work and play. I will promise to keep this up to date more even though i am not sure anyone is actually paying attention, but if so, have a great Tuesday!